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The new era of Malaysia Vaping

After near 1 year later, finally the Ministry of Health Malaysia bring over some good news to Malaysia Vaper! From the news record on 30th december 2016, we notice The Cabinet has decided that electronic cigarettes or “vaping” will be regulated due to health concerns over their usage, said by Health Minister Datuk Seri S. Subramaniam.

Which also means vaping will regulated for sure in Malaysia but not ban.

Health Minister Datuk Seri S. Subramaniam announcement comes after another federal minister confirmed today that the government will not seek to ban vaping in the country.

The Cabinet fully recognises the health effects of both cigarette smoking and vaping. The Cabinet fully recognises the need for greater public health education into the harmful effects of vaping and the need for stringently regulating it.

But the health minister also revealed that plans to ban vaping have not been abandoned, and will be revisited depending on the success in educating consumers about the risks of vaping as well as the regulations that will be introduced.

(Kuala Lumpur,02/10/2015.A man smokes an E-Cigarette (VAPE) Plaza Damas . Malay Mail/Firdaus Latif)

Malaysia had a great success glory during 2015 on vaping industrial, however due to the several states ban on selling the vaping product and Ministry of Health Malaysia never confirm the actual regulation to the public, it cause a lot of people choice to leave vaping and turn back smoking in the pass year, this is definitely not a good sign at all for healthy and also money saving.

More news from : The Malay Mail

Even we do believe the regulation will come with a lot of huge dispute later on, but as far as the government not planning to ban vaping in the whole country, we should call this is a victory and celebration.

We are looking forward of the new year 0f 2017, to witness more great news for Malaysia vaping community and of course to bring more review to all or reader.

Happy New Year, never too late to said about it.

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