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The Cost of Smoking

You’ve heard it before. ”Vaping will save you money!”

We’ve said it ourselves a a number of times.

But does it really?

We can be pretty sure if you keep it basic you’ll save money but with all the cool new products coming out on the daily. It’s hard to say. The hobby aspect has made it more expensive than some would like probabaly like to admit.

But let’s break it down. If we crunch the numbers, how much money does it save? In this post we’re going to explore the cost of smoking vs. vaping at varying levels of use.

To start, we need to determine how much for an average cost of cigarettes between Malaysia and the U.S.

In Malyasia. According to  a pack is about RM18 or about $5 US.

In the U.S., according to the The Awl Annual Cigarette Price Check a pack of cigarettes typically costs somewhere between $5 and $12 depending on where you are. After adding the prices in all 50 states, we came to an average price of around $6.75 per pack nationally.

For this article let’s say on average the cost of a pack of cigarettes between the U.S. and Malaysia is $6.



There are so many factors to take into account how much it costs different people to of smoke not to mention everyone different habits. So it’s clearly difficult to figure out how much someone would spend on smoking each year. But for the sake of argument let’s use a hypothetical cigarette smoker.

We will call him “Jeff.”

Jeff starts out smoking a half a pack of cigarettes per day. That are he’s spending $6 every two days on cigarettes. He’s spending around $21 per week, which comes out to $1,134 per year for his smoking habit.

Let’s say after his year of a 1/2 pack a day he then steps it up to a full pack a day the next year. He would spend $6 per day on cigarettes bringing him to $2,268 per year.

How about if he starts to smoking two packs a day? That’s $12 a day. At that rate, he would be spending $4,536.



Jeff has had enough with smoking and hears about the #stopsmoking movement from a friend.

He decides to get a vape. He starts basic. He get’s himself a rechargeable e-cigarette or vapor cigarette. That costs him about $59.

If he sticks to similar habits to those he had when he was smoking for the first year he will likely go through about 1 e-cigarette cartomizer every two days. At 14.95 per pack of five that’s 1.50 per day. that 10.50 per week.

So, $59 plus 10.50 a week is $629.


At a starter level Jeff saves 474.37 in comparison to a ½ a pack a day smoking habit.

But Jeff wants to step it up even more.

He wants more vapor so he gets a box mod. So he grabs the Vibe 60W TC Box Mod from Veppo for $99.

With the Vibe he’ll probably go through about 2.5ml of e-liquid per day. This costs him $514 in e-liquid per year.

And he’ll need to buy a 5 pack of prebuilt atomizer coils every 3 months. This costs him 79.99 per year.

A box mod that uses pre built coils will cost Jeff $692.99 per yer.

At this level Jeff saves $441.01 a year in comparison to a ½ a pack a day smoking habit and would save over $1,700 in comparison to a pack a day habit.

But what if Jeff decides to step it up even more!  Jeff wan’t to build his own coils to ge the absolute most vapor. So Jeff gets the asMODus Ohmsmium 80W TC Box Mod for $64.95.

With this device he’ll probably go through 5ml of e-liquid a day. That’s about $1,028 in e-liquid per year.

To build his own coils he will need a to buy a asMODus Triad Genesis RDTA This costs him $44.95.

For the coils and cotton needed to build his coils he needs to spend about $30 a year.

That’s a total of $1,167 per year.

At this level Jeff is about equal to a ½ pack habit but would save a over $1,000 per year compared to a pack a day habit.

So the final answer is there is definitely savings by switching to vape. However the actual dollar amount depends on which level you fall into.

The bottom line though. No matter how much you spend per year, there is no dollar amount you can assign to no longer being a smoker. That is priceless.

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*SMASH VAPE didn’t have any relationship with VEPPO, this is not a sponsored article as well.

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