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The Interview With Tendou, Inc.

Tendou, Inc. one of the famous RDA & Mods production company which made really good and high quality RDA & Mods in the market. We are very honored to have the opportunity with George (Co-Founder of Tendou, Inc.) conducted an interview, to talk about the story behind the brand and also the vision of the Tendou, Inc.

Recently Tendou, Inc. just released their new RDA which name as Shingen RDA, this RDA features a top quad airflow with dual tunneled barrel design. This RDA delivers sharp to the point flavor, an unique flavor chaser in its own class. You may also interesting on previous high quality RDA from Tendou, Inc. such as Nobunaga RDA and Nobunaga Mini RDA, both RDA build with high quality and really good performance as well.

Do not forget, Tendou, Inc. not only produce great quality RDA, they also came out the top quality Tendou Mod V1, which using very good material to build it out and great design as well. We also dig out some inside news which is they are doing some plan on boxmod in the market soon, we will keep you up-to-date of it!


— Interview —

Gino (Smash Vape Editor) / George (Co-Founder of Tendou, Inc.)


Gino : Why name as Tendou Vapor? Any meaning behind this name?

George : Tendou or 天道 in kanji means the Heaven’s Pathway or the Sun. In our case, we adopted the meaning of the Sun from ancient Japan as our company name.

Gino : As your company production such a great Mod and RDA, do you will consider product any RTA in future?

George : Yes, we have several RTA in design at the moment. Two of them are in final prototype stage and will be released late in January.

Gino : What is the company upcoming product plan? Could you able to tell us something of that?

George : Yes, we do have some future plan of it.

  1. Shingen RDA (dual open post RDA with unique top airflow design).
  2. Top airflow sub-tank (OD 22mm tall and mini version) (OD 24mm mini version).
  3. Box Mod (we cannot disclose about this yet since we are developing our own module at the moment, it will offer something entirely different from what we see in the current market).
  4. RTA (no details can be disclosed at the moment).
  5. A competition grade mechanical mod will be introduced before the middle of this year.

Gino : Can you tell us about the meaning of Nobunaga RDA? How did you all came out this name?

George : This RDA was created to honor Oda Nobunaga, a famous feudal lord in his time. He was the first to adopt western weapons on the battlefield during the end of the Warring States period in Japan.

Gino : The Tendou Mod V1 is a very high quality Mod, however it came with the V1 name, which is mean in future will have V2 of it?

George : The V1 has a patent pending locking mechanism. An very unique mod, but at the moment, the V2 is put on hold due to us working on a competition grade mech mod that is not related to the Tendou Mod V1. Since the Tendou V1 utilizes a very complicated locking mechanism, for V2, it will take some time for us to come out with a much more improved version. We won’t see a V2 until late of 2016.

Gino : Tendou Vapor seem like more focus on high quality build on RDA and Mechanical mod, do we able to see some regulator mod in future from Tendou Vapor?

George : Yes, we are working on a regulated box mod at the moment. Again, we cannot disclose much info at the moment, but we should be revealing specs in two to three months from now.

Gino : First we have Nobunaga RDA, now we have another Nobunga Mini RDA, what is the purpose to let you all decide for came out this mini version?

George : Mini RDAs became very popular in 2015 because it gives sharper flavor production. We saw many mini RDAs racing to be the shortest RDA in the market. However, the most common issues on mini RDAs are spit back issues, and some being too hot to vape. When we designed the mini, we made it a bit taller than the rest, but still short enough to be considered a mini.

The reason behind making it a bit taller than the rest is because we wanted to take away spit back issues and at the same time give the users an RDA that has a great vapor production capability. Ever since we launched it, it had been met with great response from those who used it. Several Youtube reviewers such as Grimmgreen, Vaping with Twisted 420, Suck my Mod, Goregore Britnee, had all had praised the Nobunaga Mini RDA and the Nobunaga Series RDAs had made it into their top 5 or honorable mention list.

Gino : What is Tendou Vapor upcoming event in United States and Worldwide market?

George : We haven’t confirmed to be taking place at any tradeshows. But ECC, Vape Summit, and Vapecon are definitely on our list to attend in 2016. We’re also looking into the tradeshow in UK and France later this year. But again, nothing has been confirmed yet.

Gino : Tendou Vapor do provide online shopping service on website, do you ship over worldwide customer as well?

George : Yes, we provide online shopping service on our site and we ship to many countries. Since we are new to the market, we are also aggressively seeking shops and distributors to carry our products in the US and worldwide. We currently have distributors in France, Canada, and Taiwan.

Gino : For the currently vape industrial or community, what is the Tendou Vapor vision on it?

George : We come from a consumer electronics manufacturing background. I have around 15 years of manufacturing experience and my partner have around 20 years. Our vision is to take our experience and continue to improve and innovate the functionalities of vape gears. Safety is also a huge topic in our community, so we are continuously looking into improving products in terms of safety. This means implementing all safety materials, production procedure, and ISO rated quality control.

— About Tendou, Inc. —

Tendou (天道),
The representation of the Sun in ancient Japan

Since its inception in 2014, Tendou, Inc. engages in product design, product development, manufacture, and servicing the vape industry.  The company’s philosophy is PRECISION WORKMANSHIP YIELDS QUALITY.  Our founders, each having at least fifteen years of experience in the manufacturing industry continue to forge on a foundation to create reliable and authentic vape products.  Tendou’s goals in the next five to ten years are,

  • Design vape products around consumer needs
  • Continue to push the boundaries of innovation
  • Focused workmanship to produce high quality vape gears that will endure the test of time
  • Create a complete “one stop” line of vape gears consumers will love and enjoy
  • Offer a professional and friendly customer support team to assist in all questions related to our products
  • Build solid alliances with modders and vendors to create a better vape community
  • Active involvement in the support of the vape community

At Tendou, Inc. we will continue to release new products through a pre-planned time-line.  Products releasing in the near future will include products such as mechanical mods, box mods (regulated and unregulated), RDAs, and RTAs.


— Purchase Information —

11892 Goldring Rd. Arcadia, CA 91006
Tel: 626-775-3005   Fax: 626-775-3018



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