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Kay El Vapes E-liquid Review

Do you need something special flavor to get a refreshing taste? Introduce to you the Golden Yuzu brewed by Kay El Vapes, one of the Malaysia talent brewer. Before we get into the flavor testing, let’s we get to know more about Yuzu. The Yuzu  is a citrus fruit and …

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Loco La Savèur E-liquid Review

Sometime you may wondering so many kind flavor e-liquid on market, which one will actually suitable for yourself? Well, i believe only when you try it yourself, just can figure out the answer. Loco La Savèur the brewer is creating something very unique flavor for all vaper, Nut Fudge the …

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Breakfast At Ipoh E-liquid Review

Before we start… Introducing the premium e-liquid from Malaysian brewer, Breakfast At Ipoh. Before we move forward to talk more about this premium e-liquid, let us get to know more a little about the meaning of Ipoh. Ipoh is the capital city of Perak state, Malaysia and also one of …

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Mr. Hommers E-liquid Review

Do you like to try some e-liquid mixing? Introduce you “Mixology Collection“, the perfect brewed by Malaysia awesome brewer Mr. Hommers. Let’s we explain a little for you of how it going to work out, first Mixology Collection can with 3 bottle premium e-liquid in a pack, which is Vanilla …

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The Studio Brand E-liquid Review

As you may know, tobacco e-liquids very rarely approach the depth and complexity of the true taste of tobacco, and this is a big part of why many vapers move away from tobacco emulations as they get more accustomed to vaping. The Studio Brand from United States, they are brewed …

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Banzai Vapors E-liquid Introduce

The high quality e-liquid from United States Banzai Vapors. Recently Banzai Vapors just launched their new e-liquid line “Active Collection”, the new line include 3 delicious flavor which is Pinky Swear, Pound It and Sher Nuff. As you may know, Banzai Vapors develop quite a lot of different flavor on …

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Gustolabs E-liquid Review

Recently we just received our november Vbox, Gustolabs “Striptease” is one of the november juice we get. it properly one of the best cheesecake flavor we had been tasted, most of the cheesecake flavor juice always contain too over sweetness, that is unnecessary for cheesecake type e-liquid, because when you …

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Vapequeen E-liquid Review

Can you imagine how’s Lychee fruit taste like in vaping? Perhaps the latest new e-liquid Vapequeen – Redhead is that answer for you, the premium Malaysia brewed e-liquid Redhead just launched, this is a unique flavor in the market, with the fresh juicy lychee fruit together with bubblegum taste flavor, …

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Donuts Challenger

There is so many donuts flavor e-liquid in the market, which make we define which one is the better donuts juice to join this Donuts Challenge. We are going to choice 3 of the donuts juice which we tasted, we believe three of the juice is quite famous in worldwide …

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