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Malaysia Brewers

Mr. Hommers E-liquid Review

Do you like to try some e-liquid mixing? Introduce you “Mixology Collection“, the perfect brewed by Malaysia awesome brewer Mr. Hommers. Let’s we explain a little for you of how it going to work out, first Mixology Collection can with 3 bottle premium e-liquid in a pack, which is Vanilla …

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Gustolabs E-liquid Review

Recently we just received our november Vbox, Gustolabs “Striptease” is one of the november juice we get. it properly one of the best cheesecake flavor we had been tasted, most of the cheesecake flavor juice always contain too over sweetness, that is unnecessary for cheesecake type e-liquid, because when you …

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Vapequeen E-liquid Review

Can you imagine how’s Lychee fruit taste like in vaping? Perhaps the latest new e-liquid Vapequeen – Redhead is that answer for you, the premium Malaysia brewed e-liquid Redhead just launched, this is a unique flavor in the market, with the fresh juicy lychee fruit together with bubblegum taste flavor, …

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Devil’s Juice E-liquid Review

Devil’s Juice, what a awesome name of it. We try on this American Pie e-liquid, overall of the juice quality, flavor performance is good, but we do believe this flavor total apple maniac, as what we can taste is only the apple or the apple pie taste, the fragrance is …

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Creamy Suckerz E-liquid Review

This juice from Creamy Suckerz, the premium handcrafted e-liquid, they are quite famous in Malaysia, as you can brought at most of the vape shop. This is a premium handcrafted e-liquid, the bottle is made by plastic material in dark color transparent, which can really can prefect protect the e-liquid …

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The Cabin Vape E-liquid Review

We have to admit, Malaysian e-liquid brewers can always bring over the surprise for you, we had seeing a lot of unique flavors in Malaysia market, some of them using very weird flavor, some of them using the very Malaysia culture food or beverage flavors, so much fun and surprise …

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Chemical Rage E-liquid Review

Khaleesi by Chemical Rage Today we are going to review the premium e-liquid from Chemical Rage, the name of this e-liquid is named “Khaleesi”. (We are wondering the brewers must very love to watch Game of Thrones!) Khaleesi is a e-liquid brew by creamy coconut and banana flavor, it came …

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AJ Vape E-liquid Review

AJ Vape, the e-liquid brewed by Malaysian. It is quite often and easy to get AJ Vape on all around Malaysia, we believe most of the vaper in Malaysia have tasted this juice. The packing design of AJ Vape is traditional, it came together with child safety cap which is …

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