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Malaysia Brewers

VapeFellas Brew E-liquid Review

Vaping friends, it is time for sharing some good e-liquid with you all again. Today we are going to review Strawberry Dutch from VapeFellas Brew. It is a strawberry milky flavor, we bet most milky vaper will going to like it. VapeFellas Brew is from Malaysia, their do brewing some great …

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TUAH E-liquid Review

Here come another strawberry vanilla flavor in our vaping industrial again. TUAH by KERIS SERIES, which is a Malaysia brewed e-liquid, the packaging design is quite special which seem like using some legendary warrior name from Malaysia, if you wondering who he is, below is a little introduce of this warrior. Hang …

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Little Black Bottle E-liquid Review

Searching for delicious creamy flavor? How about fresh peach + vanilla custard? Introduce the XYX by Little Black Bottle e-liquid, the juicy fresh peach well mixed together with vanilla custard, every puff of it you will get a nice peach aroma and creamy delicious vanilla on the end. XYX Apricot, White …

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77 Flavor E-liquid Review

Do you like to have some cool yummy Root Beer flavor juice? In the country we living… Malaysia, the weather is like all year Summer, hot and humid all the time, that’s also the reason why our Malaysian brewer always like to come out some great freezing fruity juice. Today, …

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CYNARA E-liquid Review

Looking for some delicious strawberry flavor? Introduce you the delicious Strawberry Cheese by CYNARA. Unlike other strawberry cream flavor, Strawberry Cheese have more milky and fresh strawberry taste. The packaging is quite decent, come with a box and printed lot of detail such as the Warning content, ingredients and the PG/VG ratio and the …

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Turn2low E-liquid Review

Looking for some refreshing e-liquid for your vaping day? Well, perhaps you should try about Rosemary from Turn2Low. The first open cap of Rosemary, the strong fruity aroma has comes out, really refreshing and delicious smell. ROSEMARY A modified formula for a perfect mixture of watermelon, lychee, mint, and a punch of mystery …

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VLS E-liquid Review

Today we are going to review 5 different creamy flavor from VLS, they named the juice line as Royal Juice, which come with White Label and Black Label, something familiar like Johnny Walker ya? Inside the line, we can found the very typical flavor such as strawberry milk or banana …

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Bare E-liquid Review

Well, you properly will think about “What? Another strawberry pie flavor again?”. We can’t denied there is a lot of strawberry flavor in the market. However, even it come with very similar taste or aroma, but if you take a good inhale, you will still able to define the different. So, …

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Velvet Vapes E-liquid Review

Do you concern what inside the e-liquid you vaping? Wondering what actually contain inside the e-liquid? Let we have a on the Pear Berry by Velvet Vapes, a e-liquid created by the brewer Leon who is truly concern on what he vaping and what actually inside the e-liquid he vaping before. …

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